Accommodation Program for Faculty and Staff

The Accommodation Program for employees with Disabilities is designed to facilitate individual accommodations for current or prospective Yale employees with disabilities. A designated case manager from the Office for Equal Opportunity Programs works with each employee or applicant who chooses to identify and document a disability in order to determine the appropriate accommodation.

Who can be helped by the Accommodation Program?
Applicants for employment who have disabilities at the time they are hired. Employees who develop disabilities after they begin working at Yale. Employees who have a disability, have not needed an accommodation in the past, but now do.

Who administers the program?
Yale’s Office for Equal Opportunity Programs has the authority for the case management of individuals who request accommodations. “Case management” involves ensuring that the appropriate accommodations are accomplished in a coordinated, expedient, and thorough manner. The case manager—either the Director or The Coordinator of the Office for Equal Opportunity Programs—will develop and implement a proactive plan for each employee with a disability who requests accommodation. The plan will focus on abilities and qualifications.

What does the case manager do?
Working closely with other Yale departments, e.g., Human Resources, Employee Health, and other resources, the Job Search Team, the Connecticut Bureau of Rehabilitation Services, and the case manager:

  • Ensures that the necessary evaluations of the employee have been undertaken to determine the extent of the disability;
  • Identifies the essential or core functions of the employee’s current position or other suitable open positions;
  • Works with the Department of Human Resources to determine if the individual satisfies the requirements of the position and has the appropriate skills, background, and experience to perform its essential functions with or without accommodations;
  • Identifies reasonable accommodations needed to perform the essential or core duties of the identified position;
  • Evaluates accommodations to determine if they are reasonable for the situation;
  • Authorizes and facilitates accommodations at the operating department level; and
  • Arranges for any necessary training, support and counseling for both the supervisor and the employee during evaluation and implementation.

How does the process start?
The case management process begins when an employee contacts or is referred to the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs as an individual with a disability who is seeking accommodations in the workplace.

Is the program confidential?
The confidentiality of the employee is protected by all parties involved. Appropriate medical releases and documentation of medical condition is required.

What if my disability is covered under worker’s compensation?
Your case will be managed by the Yale’s Worker’s Compensation Office in the Department of Risk Management.

Contact Information:

Valarie J. Stanley, Director
Office for Equal Opportunity Programs
P.O. Box 208295
New Haven, CT 06520-8295

Campus Mail: 221 Whitney Ave; 3rd Fl

Voice/TTY: 203/432-0849
Fax: 203/432-7884